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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Environmental Services

Jubilee Office Supplies are committed, through our CSR policy, to working in partnership with our customers to provide a brighter business future. We offer a number of industry leading initiatives to help us all become more environmentally aware. Our main objectives include:

  • Working with customers to reduce their environmental impact. We achieve this by providing award winning simple, easy to manage recycling services such as collecting your recyclable waste when we deliver your new order via our Close The Loop initiative.
  • Creating and supplying a diverse range of environmental products to suit all requirements.
  • Providing our customers with the highest quality service, while still reducing our own carbon footprint with eco friendly delivery vehicles, minimising packaging waste and using local stocking points for fewer miles on the road.

Jubilee Office Supplies uses Greenstone`s responsible sourcing solution, SupplierPortal, to measure and report its carbon, waste and water footprints. Through SupplierPortal, Jubilee Office Supplies also reports its responsible sourcing information, in areas including Health & Safety, Anti-bribery & Corruption and Labour, to its customers.

Product Recycling Services

Paper recycling

We collect waste paper from our customers who have signed up to our `Close The Loop` initiative and turn it into recycled paper products. Jubilee Office Supplies will even collect your waste paper whenever we make an order delivery, further minimising carbon emissions while saving you time.

Toner Recycling

Jubilee provide a similar service for office ink toner recycling. Whenever you buy new ink toners or other office supplies, we will collect any used toners directly to recycle them on your behalf. Read more about our Toner Recycling Service.

Furniture Recycling

Jubilee Office Supplies provide a sustainable option for all your used office furniture. Through our furniture recycling service FurnituREcycling, in partnership with our principal furniture manufacturer, we will manage the disposal and recycling of all your used furniture when you purchase new furniture from us.

W.E.E.E. Destruction

Under the 2007 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations, you now have to dispose of your electrical equipment correctly – it cannot be disposed of with your regular office waste. We can collect and dispose of your equipment, ensuring all equipment is either disposed of or recycled fully and responsibly.

Become Involved:

If you are interested in becoming involved with any of our environmental initiatives then please speak to your account manager, email or call 0333 700 7777

Environmental Products

We supply a wide of environmentally friendly office supplies. These items are a great first step in making a change to your business that will lead to a big environmental impact in the future.

Made from a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste that has been carefully recycled, our eco products help extend the life cycle of what would usually go to landfill into new and exciting products for the future.

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