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Jubilee V Amazon

Service That Sets us Apart

Amazon Business will certainly present an attractive option in a market which is increasingly ordering online. However, its solution is based on a transactional self-service model. In contrast, we offer our clients the benefits of a true partnership approach, underpinned by value add services tailored to your needs.

Despite the majority of customers engaging with Amazon in their procurement activities, their feedback describes how Amazon’s model makes it difficult to speak to anyone, let alone be present as product experts with knowledge of office supplies. Amazon may have mastered its consumer-style online ordering experience, but its self-service model also leaves users to fend for themselves in terms of product selection.

In comparison, our service-driven approach offers added-value in terms of consultation, auditing, flexibility and local support.

The Value-Add

  • Account management gives you access to experts
  • Customer services who understand your requirements
  • Flexible delivery that’s tailored to your needs
  • Employed drivers that are reliable, personable and professional
  • Stock holding with guaranteed availability
  • Consolidation offering a true single source solution
  • Accessible and easily contactable specialists
  • Consolidated returns
  • Unrivalled additional services


We maintain our pricing for a minimum of 3 months and always advise in advance as much as possible, unlike Amazon – whose prices fluctuate on a regular basis. With the current economic uncertainty, some office supplies companies are steadily increasing their prices and justifying them as the consequences of Brexit.

Online Ordering   We give you a choice on how to order   Makes it easy to contact us
Gives you preferences for ordering We are someone to speak to
Self-service   We help by providing pro-active account management   Helps product rationalisation
Maintains cost control Provides management reporting
Multiple deliveries from separate sources   We consolidate delivery from one single entity
We also guarantee next day delivery on stocked items
  Reduces administration time and costs
Ensures faster delivery times
Delivery to site   Where possible, we provide desktop delivery   Your orders will always find you
No bespoke products   We stock customer specific products   We can always meet your product needs